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by SARBANI NYC February 25, 2020 3 min read

6 Spring 2020 Jewelry Trends to Liven Up Your Style

Are you as ready for spring as we are? Maxi skirts and dresses, gauzy tops, and strappy sandals—they all feel so close within reach!

While it may still be a bit cool for some of these styles, you can start infusing some sunshine into your wardrobe with these spring jewelry styles. If you kept up at all with the Spring/Summer 2020 runways back in the fall, you probably caught sight of the bold and vibrant accessories. Designers decked out their looks with statement-making pieces, from fluorescent hues to single structural earrings to avant-garde collar necklaces.

Get a closer look at six of the hottest spring 2020 jewelry trends below and gather inspiration for accessorizing your warm-weather attire!

Colorful Jewelry

Think saturated hues this spring and summer! If you’re looking to add some color to your ensembles but don’t want to overdo it, your accessories are a great place to start. Look for vibrant floral shapes, beads, and stones. Take risks with mismatched colors and don’t be afraid to mix up your stones and metals. This makes it easier to pair your jewelry with your wardrobe by giving you more options.


Latin Lime Shoulder Grazers (Coming Soon)


Aztec Evil Eye Cuff by Outhouse Jewellery

Aztec Evil Eye Cuff (Coming Soon)


Firoza Moon Chandbalis by Astha Jagwani

Firoza Moon Chandbalis (Coming Soon)


Enameled Orchid Earrings by Valliyan

Enameled Orchid Earrings


Rania Pearls and Stone Choker (Coming Soon)



Solo Earring

We saw it all over the Spring/Summer 2020 runways: The Bold Single Earring. Make an unexpected, asymmetrical statement with one uniquely shaped earring. If you opt for a medium to a large single piece of ear candy, go light on your other jewelry in order to highlight your lobes.

Birdwing Silvernight Dusters by Outhouse Jewellery

Birdwing Silvernight Dusters (Coming Soon)


Best Mate Earcuffs 


Silk Tassel Shoulder Dusters by Valliyan

Silk Tassel Shoulder Duster Earrings


Emerald Cascade Earrings (Coming Soon)

Pretty Pearls

As Coco Chanel knew, the time-tested gem is here to stay! From mismatched earrings to collar necklaces to headpieces, pearl jewelry is taking all forms. We’re seeing both classic rounds to baroque shapes. With all of these options for the timeless stone, you’ll find plenty of fresh pearl styles for this season.

Arbour Tassel Treasure Earrings (Coming Soon)



Pearl Wrap Choker (Coming Soon)


Nectaring by Mirakin



Shooting Star Choker


Claire de Lune Pearl Studs by Outhouse Jewellery

Claire de Lune Pearl Studs (Coming Soon)

Kanoi Pearl Studs by Outhouse Jewellery

Kanoi Pearl Studs (Coming Soon)

Mega Hoops

Everyday favorite hoop earrings are moving to the forefront once more—but now they’re bigger than ever. This year you’ll find the go-to earrings in funky shapes and unique materials. Armed with some extra-large hoops, you can easily make a statement with any ensemble.


Jeweled Hoops in Gold


Jeweled Hoops (Gunmetal)


Silver Jewelry

The cool metal is making a comeback, another prediction from the Spring/Summer 2020 runways. Think shimmering chains and chic earrings. We love silver pieces thanks to their versatility and how easily it can be mixed with other metals and colors. If you’re looking for a darker alternative that’s perfect for taking your outfits from day to night, consider gunmetal jewelry.

Evil Eye Necklace



Diwan Hand Harness

Jeweled Hoops in Silver

Structured Statement Collars

A bold and edgy statement collar necklace appeals to both the maximalist and minimalist styles—it’s simultaneously eye-catching and streamlined. It’s a great way to go bold while staying sleek.

Multi-stone Choker by Valliyan

Multi-stone Choker


Edens Bohemian Open Choker (Coming Soon) 


Golden Gardenia Necklace by Eurumme

Golden Gardenia Necklace

Keep Your Jewelry Fresh This Spring

As often seen in the world of fashion, some of the most popular spring jewelry trends for 2020 will be fresh takes on staple pieces. Stay chic all season long with cool and modern statement pieces from Sarbani NYC.

Which of these edgy trends have you tried already? Or which will you be trying first? Let us know in the comments!

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