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by SARBANI NYC February 18, 2020 4 min read

Enter a Fantasy World with the Imago Enchanted Collection

Imago Enchanted Jewelry Collection by Outhouse JewelleryEnvision an enchanted fairy-like world where everything is bright, sparkling, and elegant. This is the imaginative space from which the Imago Enchanted collection by Outhouse Jewellery is derived. 

This jewelry collection utilizes pearls and crystals in a way that illuminates them and makes them the focus of every single piece. The pieces are fluid shapes that evoke creatures and items from nature, yet they are versatile and neutral enough to be worn for many different occasions and with an array of styles. 

Enjoy a mix of materials, including gold and gunmetal offset by baroque pearls and colorful crystals ranging from blush pink to clear white to jet black. And these crystals aren’t just any—they are unique Swarovski crystals designed by Maison Margiela and Jean Paul Gaultier.

The Imago Enchanted jewelry collection will suit anyone from the modern bride to the sophisticated businesswoman. Take a closer look at the select pieces coming soon to Sarbani NYC below!

Pearl Gush Drops

These simple, minimal, and subtle stud earrings will have you covered for any evening out or special occasion. The Pearl Gush Gold Drops look lovely paired with a warm color palette thanks to their rose gold plating and white pearls, while the gunmetal plating and gray pearls of the Silver Night Drops look chic when worn with any cool grays or blacks. 

These classic studs will quickly become one of your go-to pairs, especially when you need an easy day-to-night look!

Pearl Gush Gold Drop Earrings by Outhouse Jewellery

Pearl Gush Silvernight Drop Earrings by Outhouse Jewellery

Glazed Gunmetal Studs

Another versatile pair of earrings, the Glazed Gunmetal Studs are simple yet unique in their shape. They are both beautiful and slightly edgy, with their gunmetal plating and clear crystal baguettes to add a touch of sparkle. Because they are so neutral, you could wear them with your favorite little black dress or even bright hues, like vibrant red. They can also be easily matched to other pieces in your jewelry collection.

From your next cocktail party to an evening out, these studs will serve you well!

Glazed Gunmetal Stud Earrings by Outhouse Jewellery

Kanoi Pearl Studs

It’s the unique shape of these statement stud earrings that make them truly stand out. With an ornate wing-like design in rose gold accented by crystal baguettes and baroque pearls, they pop just enough to draw eyes to your face. These earrings can be worn alone or paired with a matching necklace or choker for an especially glamorous look.

Kanoi Pearl Stud Earrings by Outhouse Jewellery

Enchanted Tassel Shoulder Grazers

Talk about mixed metals done right! These shoulder dusters bring gold, rose gold, and gunmetal together to create a lavishly chic look. The shimmer of the Swarovski galactic fancy crystals combined with the movement of the chain tassels make these dramatic earrings totally eye-catching and irresistible. 

Just like the other pieces in this collection, the bold yet feminine Enchanted Tassel Shoulder Grazers can be worn with a variety of ensembles.

Enchanted Tassel Shoulder Grazers by Outhouse Jewellery

Birdwing Silvernight Dusters

As the name implies, these glamorous and sophisticated shoulder duster earrings are like having small butterflies fluttering around your shoulders. Turn heads with the sparkle and unique silhouette of the butterfly shapes and limited-edition Maison Margiela crystals at the bottom of the strands. 

These gunmetal earrings will pair well with a wide range of colors, styles, and necklines.

Birdwing Silvernight Dusters by Outhouse Jewellery

Emerald Cascade Long Earrings

The Emerald Cascade Long Earrings evoke a kind of dark, dramatic style with their sleek design and colors. The emerald green stones stand out against the gunmetal and any skin tone, while the jet black stones add a chic sparkle to balance the design.

Their fluid and beautiful silhouette will look stunning with just about any outfit.

Emerald Cascade Long Earrings by Outhouse Jewellery

Perito Midnight Earrings

Minimal yet exquisite, the Perito Midnight Earrings are the perfect way to add just a hint of sparkle to your accessory style. These simple statement earrings feature Bermuda blue Maison Margiela crystals by Swarovski, along with a long tail embellished with dainty white crystals.

Wear these lightweight, elegant earrings to elevate any evening look.

Perito Midnight Earrings by Outhouse Jewellery

Pearl Wrap Choker

For the ultimate sophisticated and feminine style, look no further than the Pearl Wrap Choker. This rose gold necklace features luminous pearls nestled inside intricate flower motifs, which are even embellished with dainty crystals.

Wear this stunning statement choker with any evening dress or casual evening outfit and prepare for the compliments wherever you go!

Pearl Wrap Choker by Outhouse Jewellery

Glazed Gunmetal Fringe Bracelet

Another sleek gunmetal piece, this one-of-a-kind bracelet is handcrafted with ornate butterfly wings accented with tiny stones. The band encrusted with delicate stones plus the cascading tassels are sure to make this piece a showstopper with every gesture you make.

This opulent bracelet will pair well with any formal evening wear or even your favorite office ensemble, like a smart blazer!

Glazed Gunmetal Fringe Bracely by Outhouse Jewellery

Imago Enchanted will soon be available from Sarbani NYC! Follow us on Instagram or subscribe to our newsletter for updates on this popular Outhouse Jewellery collection.

Stephanie Chabot, Style Editor
Sarbani NYC

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