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by SARBANI NYC March 03, 2020 3 min read

The Fall/Winter 2020 Fashion Week events are wrapping up, and we are already excited about the jewelry trends to come! From New York to London, Milan to Paris, designers made bold statements when it came to their baubles. A number of styles called back bygone eras from the Victorian to the ‘80s. In many cases, it seemed like the creative mantra was, “The bigger, the better.”

Everything from ultra layered necklaces to button earrings with a modern spin were spotted on runways this month. It also looks like we can expect some of the spring/summer styles to stick around throughout the cold season.

If you’re like us and love staying ahead of the curve, check out the hottest fall 2020 jewelry trends below.

Pearl Ear Cuff by Prabal Gurung, Fall 2020

What’s New for Fall?

First up: The fall jewelry styles that are going to be huge (in more than one way!).

Heavily Layered Necklaces

From what designers were showing us, you can’t have too much when it comes to layered necklaces this fall. You can decide to create your own #neckmess of beautifully mismatched chains or opt for one major layered necklace. Seriously, layer until you can’t layer anymore.

Layered Necklace by Badgeley Mischka, Fall 2020

IMAXTREE / Badgeley Mischka

Multilayer Majesty Necklace by Outhouse Jewellery

Multilayer Majesty Necklace (Coming Soon)

Faith and Flower String Necklace by Outhouse Jewellery

Faith and Flower String Necklace (Coming Soon)

Extra Long Necklaces

If you want to make a more lightweight statement around the neck, try a single long necklace. It was big in the early 2010s and now it’s back, better than ever. A long statement necklace with a big pendant or chic chains is the perfect way to add some shine to a solid sweater, shirt, or dress.

Long Necklace by Brandon Maxwell, Fall 2020

IMAXTREE / Brandon Maxwell

OH V Long Necklace by Outhouse Jewellery

OH V Long Necklace (Coming Soon)

Long Autumn Lariat by Eurumme

Long Autumn Lariat

Sculpted Flowers

Stunning wearable blooms are the perfect way to stay in that springy state of mind when the weather begins to cool. Go for large metallic, crystal, or resin flowers for this trend. You can even take it a bit more abstract with floral motifs on your ears or around your neck.

Sculptural Floral Earrings by Arlington 16, Fall 2020

IMAXTREE / 16 Arlington

Eternite Rose Midi Rings by Outhouse Jewellery

Eternite Rose Midi Ring (Coming Soon)

Coronet Rose Danglers by Outhouse Jewellery

Coronet Rose Danglers (Coming Soon)

Mini Orchid Earrings by Valliyan

Mini Orchid Earrings

Chandelier Ear Cuffs

While we’ve been loving the wraparound ear cuff for a while now, these statement earrings got even more glam on the Fall/Winter ‘20 runways! Expect to see them dressed up in chandelier styles this fall. Designers really went for it with this one, using everything from pearl and beaded strands to swishy tassels.

Ear Cuffs by Prabal Gurung, Fall 2020

Getty Images/Victor VIRGILE / Prabal Gurung

Lophorina Chandelier Ear Cuffs by Outhouse Jewellery

Lophorina Chandelier Ear Cuffs (Coming Soon)

Gold Tassel Ear Cuffs by Astha Jagwani

Gold Tassel Ear Cuffs

Button Earrings

They may sound cute and dainty, but these classic earrings were given all kinds of modern upgrades for fashion week. No longer are they stuffy or old school—sparkle, sophistication, and color are going to be big in button earrings this fall. This is great news because these adorable ear candies are a fast and easy way to accessorize any ensemble.

Button Earrings by Bibhu, Fall 2020

Forevermark / Bibhu

Cendrillon Noir Studs by Outhouse Jewellery

Cendrillon Noir Studs (Coming Soon)

Jade Tusk Earrings by Outhouse Jewellery

Rouge Tusk Earrings (Coming Soon)

Green Bloom Circular Studs by Astha Jagwani

Green Bloom Circular Studs (Coming Soon)

Papilio Studs in Gunmetal by Outhouse Jewellery

Papilio Studs in Gunmetal

Radiant Rhinestones

It seemed like designers were all in agreement about one thing for fashion week 2020: You can’t have too much sparkle. Looks were dripping in diamonds along with other gems on everything from chandelier and dangling earrings to glimmering collar and bib necklaces. So don’t be afraid to glitter everywhere you go this fall!

Diamond Jewelry by Marc Jacobs, Fall 2020

Getty Images/Slaven Vlasic / Marc Jacobs

White Lotus & Peacock Chandbalis by Astha Jagwani

White Lotus & Peacock Chandbalis (Coming Soon)

Felicity Tassel Earrings by Outhouse Jewellery

Felicity Tassel Earrings (Returning Soon!)

Empress Choker by Outhouse Jewellery

Empress Choker

Lily White Choker and Wedlock Choker by Outhouse Jewellery

Lily White Choker (top) and Crystal Wedlock Choker (bottom)

Shoulder Dusters

You know we love our shoulder-grazing earrings here at Sarbani NYC, and it looks like the rest of the fashion world is right there with us. The runways were rife with uber long beaded, artisan, and mobile-inspired takes on the pieces. And what’s not to love? These dramatic earrings look fabulous when paired with both everyday casual wear and special occasion formal ensembles.

Shoulder Grazers by Simone Rocha, Fall 2020

Getty Images/Victor VIRGILE / Simone Rocha

Enchanted Tassel Earrings by Outhouse Jewellery

Enchanted Tassel Shoulder Grazers (Coming Soon)

Crystalline Radiance Shoulder Dusters by Outhouse Jewellery

Crystalline Radiance Shoulder Dusters

Waterfall Long Earrings with Onyx by Eurumme

Waterfall Long Statement Earrings with Onyx

What’s Sticking Around?

Some of the spring jewelry trends we highlighted recently will maintain popularity through into the cool season. Some pieces to hold onto include:

  • Pearl Jewelry (Particularly dramatic pearl earrings)
  • Mismatched/Single Earrings
  • Statement Collars
  • Big Hoop Earrings

Keep your style on the cutting edge by checking out and stocking up on these fall 2020 jewelry trends now. Your wardrobe will be set for the entire year!

Did you catch any other jewelry trends during the Fall/Winter 2020 Fashion Week events? Share them with us below!

Stephanie Chabot, Style Editor
Sarbani NYC 

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