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by SARBANI NYC July 31, 2019 2 min read



The Future of Jewelry: 3D Printed Jewelry by Mirakin

Not long ago, the concepts of 3D printing and jewelry likely would not have been interwoven. Today, however, the 3D printed jewelry tells a very different story.

Advanced 3D printing has been around for several years now and has begun to influence many industries, including the world of jewelry. This fairly new technology is used by a growing number of jewelry designers to create beautifully intricate, high-quality pieces. Mirakin, India’s first 3D printed jewelry manufacturer and one of our featured designers, is a wonderful example of success. 

First, you may be wondering how to print 3D jewelry. Stay with us as we dive into this intriguing process!


What is the 3D Printed Jewelry Process?

This process typically does not involve direct 3D metal printing, which is costly. A common method is called lost wax printing and casting. Jewelry makers like Mirakin use this technique, which weaves modern 3D printing technology with traditional metal casting to create stunning statement pieces. 




How it Works

  1. This master 3D design is printed using a special wax.
  2. The press form is made by covering the master model with a wax resin. 
  3. One or more wax sprues (a piece of plastic or metal joining a number of small molded plastic items) are attached to the model to form the wax tree. 
  4. The tree is placed in a flask and covered in a fine plaster. When this plaster solidifies, it creates the mold for casting the metal.
  5. The plaster mold is then heated in an oven for several hours, until the wax is completely burned out.

Get a glimpse of Mirakin's very own 3D printing process:


Benefits of 3D Printing Jewelry

The jewelry making process benefits from 3D printing because it is an efficient and economical technique. Plus, 3D files can be easily edited. It’s simple enough to print a prototype and ensure that the quality and design are up to snuff. Any changes can be made using the 3D modeling software. 

Additionally, 3D metal jewelry printing allows for an exceptional amount of detail. This, of course, is vital to the creation of ornate accessories and baubles.




Maintaining a Human Touch

When we say all items on Sarbani NYC are handcrafted, we mean it—including Mirakin’s 3D printed jewelry. 

Designing each piece with the required software still entails a great deal of creativity, inspiration, and eye for design. There are also a number of essential manual labor steps throughout the printing, production, and post-processing. The entire ordeal calls for skilled designers and handlers in order to create top-notch products.




Making Unique Jewelry with Mirakin

Mirakin worked tirelessly for over two years by researching, designing, and perfecting their 3D printed jewelry model. This enables them to create everything in-house—from sketching to manufacturing—all while keeping their products affordable. 

Mirakin designs modern, exquisite, and unique statement jewelry inspired by various cultures, nature, and minimalism. Shop our entire collection of Mirakin jewellery today. They even offer customization, so reach out to Sarbani NYC to learn more!






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July 31 2019

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