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by Stephanie Chabot August 14, 2019 3 min read



5 Summer Vacation Jewelry Must-haves

With just weeks of summer left, there’s still time to squeeze in that vacation for which you’ve been longing! You may be wondering, though, how to pack jewelry for vacation. It’s not an easy feat, after all: You want to pack enough of a variety to look chic all week, but not so much you’ll be weighing down your luggage. 

Whether your destination is a tropical island or a sizzling city, we’ve got you covered with five types of summer jewelry that will travel well anywhere.




Splash of Color

Add bright hues to bring any summer ensemble to the next level. We love multi-colored stones and enameled jewelry paired with complementary warm shades. Vibrant clothing not quite your style? Adding a pop of color via jewelry is also a great way to spice up black, white, or other neutral outfits.

Inject some color into your style with statement rings like our Blue and White Crystal Ring or Tear Drop Sunshine Ring; bold necklaces like the Festive Choker; and unique pieces like our Kaleidoscope Foot Jewelry.






Layered Necklaces

Layered necklaces are ALL the rage right now. We love how creative and versatile this fashion jewelry trend can be, from layering different lengths of chains to pairing statement chokers with long, dramatic necklaces. 

Do you tend to rock silver or gold? Maybe you prefer color? Even if you can’t decide, layering necklaces is the perfect way to mix metals and complementary colors. 

As far as vacation accessories go, layered necklaces work well paired with anything from a casual daytime outfit to a fancy ensemble for a special occasion.

We love seeing our Multi-stone Choker with a long necklace; or the Borla Legacy Necklace with the Empress Choker .




Swinging Tassels

As noted in our recent blog about silk tassel earrings, these swishy strands are also having a moment (and a long one at that—but we’re not complaining!). These bohemian accessories are ideal for exotic getaways, after all. 

We’ve seen tassel jewelry done many ways: beaded and silk; long and short; everything from earrings to necklaces to bracelets. They can be fun and playful or chic and sophisticated. Either way, they make great vacation accessories!

Our Silk Tassel Shoulder Dusters will give serious boho vibes to any vacay attire (fuschia and yellow are a couple of our summer faves!); these Metal Tassel Earrings in off-white and gold will complete any look; and the Weave of Love earrings, choker, and bracelet accentuate chic beach style.




Pulling from Nature

Recent summer fashion jewelry designs are taking a page right out of nature’s book. From colorful florals and butterflies to stone-encrusted feathers and leaves, these pieces are bound to add life to your vacation wardrobe.

Our Enameled Orchid Earrings or any of the Metallic Orchid Earrings are always a favorite (try them in green or purple); these Metal and Stone Feather Earrings are modern and versatile; our Meher Statement Ring is bright and stunning; and the Papilio Studs are adorable and lively (we recommend them in blush or canary). 


Neutrals & Monochrome Metals

When all else fails, pack a few neutral and/or monochrome accessories. Pearls, which have also made a recent comeback, are classic neutral accents as well. With a few fun daytime pieces and a few sophisticated pieces for nights out on the town, you’ll be stylish for any vacation activity or event. 

A few of our shiny, sparkly go-tos include the Golden Gardenia Necklace; Minaret Choker; Glow Statement Studs; Bloom Earrings; and our Seahorse and Rooted rings.






As long as you prepare with each of these summer vacation jewelry must-haves, you’ll be looking your best no matter where you go. Shop Sarbani NYC today, stop stressing about what jewelry to pack, and enter vacation mode already!

Bon voyage!

Stephanie Chabot
Style Editor, Sarbani NYC

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