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by SARBANI NYC July 24, 2019 2 min read








Silk Tassel Shoulder Duster Earring Collection

Shoulder dusters are becoming increasingly popular in the realm of statement earrings, as they’re the perfect way to make any outfit pop. Long silk tassel earrings in particular are having a moment. Perhaps it’s because of their versatility: This style can be bohemian or classic, in either neutral or vibrant colors. 

Our favorite thing about tassel earrings is that they can be worn for any occasion—which is why this week’s product spotlight is on the Silk Tassel Shoulder Duster Earrings by Valliyan!




How to Wear Tassel Earrings

First, check out a few tips on styling these dramatic drop earrings:

  • Balance your ensemble by carefully choosing colors. If you’re wearing a brightly colored dress or top, wear neutral colored tassel earrings (e.g., black, gray, beige, or white)—or vice versa. 
  • Depending on your hair color, the tassels can stand out even with your hair down. A great way to make a statement, however, is to wear your hair up in a chic ‘do and show those tassels off! Curly-haired gals in particular should err on the side of a bun or pony to prevent tendrils from getting caught in these earrings.
  • Going to a formal event? Choose a pair with a bit of sparkle in the form of gems or metallics to add some extra glam to your look.
  • Shoulder dusters paired with spaghetti straps, off-the-shoulder, or strapless necklines create the perfectly dramatic look. Plus, it draws eyes to your beautiful face!

From a casual day running errands to a regular day at the office to a night out on the town, long shoulder duster earrings will tie your ensemble together for any occasion.




Silk Tassel Shoulder Duster Earrings by Valliyan



If you’ve been searching for the colorful dangle earrings to rock all summer long (or year round), look no further than Valliyan’s Silk Tassel Shoulder Dusters! These ear ornaments are available in a dozen different colors, including neutral shades, pastels, jewel tones, and vibrant hues. 

Each pair of these statement tassel earrings is designed with real silk threads and varying combinations of acrylic beads, semi-precious stones, and brass tops plated with 18kt gold. For example, the purple pair features acrylic stone and brass metal tops plated with 18kt gold; while the maroon pair features semi-precious stones and cubic zirconia. With so many options, you’re sure to find a pair for every outfit and outing!

Another beautiful aspect to these silk thread earrings is that they are handmade by various artisans with some natural stones and pearls. This means slight differences may occur from piece to piece to allow for a signature one-of-a-kind aesthetic. 

As Valliyan’s designer Nitya Arora says, “Uneven surfaces and crooked lines are part of its human charm.” 

Shop the full collection of Silk Tassel Shoulder Duster Earrings from Sarbani NYC today.









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July 24, 2019

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