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BRANDS - Astha Jagwani

Jewellery by Astha Jagwani fuses European influences with Indian designs and silhouettes to create unique statement pieces. Astha’s work is inspired by the Islamic architecture throughout the decades, from the art deco and art nouveau Mashrabiya patterns found in Arabic woodwork to the Jalis found in the gates and windows of old Jaipur. 

The luxury jewelry designer has grown rapidly since its conception in a workshop in London, where Astha Jagwani created her first collection, Reflections. She has a workshop in Jaipur, where her products are handcrafted by artisans. Each piece weaves the contemporary with the classic, evolving from an engaging story and a great deal of research. Astha Jagwani’s goal is to provide flawless workmanship, utilizing the techniques of Indian craftsmanship and applying them to modern silhouettes. The brand’s philosophy celebrates the diversity of cultures while creating a unique aesthetic that appeals to global audiences.

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