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by SARBANI NYC June 11, 2019 2 min read




Elegant Wedding Favor & Gift Ideas

As your big day draws near, you’re likely in the final stages of wedding planning. That means it’s almost time to show your appreciation to the loved ones who are helping you celebrate!

Are you looking for unique wedding favor ideas? Consider gifting them with sophisticated statement jewelry and accessories to make the day as memorable for your wedding guests and party members as it is for you.







Wedding Favor Tips

A few things to keep in mind as you select favors, whether for your bridesmaids, closest friends and family, or female guests:

  • Choose something practical, tasteful, and of high-quality. A good gauge for this is to ask yourself if you would want and/or use the item.
  • Make it meaningful. This is an especially good idea for bridal favors for the party and close family members.
  • Wrap it up and plan the display. There’s nothing like opening a sweet surprise! Not to mention, our beautiful trinkets can be wrapped up in a number of creative ways.
  • Consider when you’d like to give them their gifts. Decide when is most appropriate based on who will receive gifts. Will it be the day of your bridal shower, your bachelorette, or the wedding day itself?


Elegant Wedding Favor Ideas

Small, universal jewelry and accessories make for delightful wedding favors and gifts. Below are a few of our favorite items.


Nail & Midi Rings

Meant to be worn over the nail or on the upper finger, these delicately beautiful accessories add the perfect touch of sparkle to fingers. Our selection of handcrafted nail and midi rings include unique and contemporary styles that will suit any ensemble. Ladies may even enjoy wearing these gifts on the big day!

For classic and universal gifts that anyone will love, we recommend the Kiss Nail Ring or the Infinity Nail Ring by Outhouse Jewellery. These universal accessories are great wedding favors!




Statement Bracelets & Cuffs

You’ll make a statement when you gift them a bracelet or cuff as bold and radiant as they are. After all, who doesn’t love a new bracelet that works for all occasions?

Astha Jagwani’s gold-plated Diwan Cuff features an intricate lattice pattern and is even adjustable, meaning it will fit any wrist and any style!




Custom Wedding Favors

Do you see something on our site to which you’d like to add a personal touch? Sarbani NYC also offers customized statement jewelry! Select pieces from Outhouse Jewellery,Astha jagwani or Valliyan are fully customizable. Choose from different enamel colors, stones, and pendants. Monograms also available.

Contact us to learn more about personalized wedding favors today! Surprise all of your favorite ladies with beautiful and touching wedding party favors and show them how much their part in your special day means to you.

If you or a friend are still in need of wedding jewelry, remember that Sarbani NYC now offers bridal consultations starting June 15th! Contact us for details.






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June 11, 2019

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