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by SARBANI NYC December 17, 2019 2 min read

Diwan Hand Harness in Silver by Astha JagwaniFor those of us who have a passion for expressing ourselves through our personal style, finding standout jewelry is just as important as finding the right clothes. After all, accessorizing with jewelry is the number one way to make an ensemble your own.

Sometimes, though, it can feel challenging to find pieces that really set you apart. Fortunately, there is a funky piece of jewelry on the rise that will help you put your own spin on any look: the hand harness. This accessory is the answer for both fashionistas on the lookout for edgy new trends and those searching for the perfect gift for said fashionistas.

What is a Hand Harness?

You may be wondering what a hand harness even is. Also known as a hand chain, finger bracelet, or haathphool, it is essentially a ring and bracelet combined into one piece. It forms a sort of harness over your hand, hence the name.

The unique hand jewelry comes in an endless range of styles. Some loop around just one finger with a minimalist design as simple as a plain chain; while others are worn on all four fingers and feature stones, embellishments, and other intricate details. They come in gold, silver, rose gold, and everything in between.

How Do You Style a Hand Chain?

Little Plum Hand Harness by Outhouse JewelleryThe beauty of hand chain jewelry is its versatility, as it can be suitable for casual everyday wear as well as special occasions and weddings. These pieces can be worn in combination with other statement rings and bracelets for a bold and glamorous look. They look fabulous stacked with everything from midi rings to coordinating cuffs and bangles.

Of course, you can also wear your hand jewelry alone for a more minimalist vibe. Simply throwing on a single finger bracelet can sometimes complete a whole outfit—without even having to find other rings or bracelets to match! It’s the perfect accessory for the It girl on the go.

If you happen to be shopping for that special someone who loves to make a style statement and you want to find her a different kind of jewelry gift, a hand harness is a fantastic option. Chances are she won’t own anything quite like it in her current collection!

Jump On the Hand Harness Jewelry Trend

Swallowtail Hand Harness by Outhouse JewelleryThe hand harness has been a popular accessory in Indian fashion for generations. Today, some of the most renowned Indian jewelry designers have put their own modern twist on this elegantly different piece. So for the jewelry lover who constantly struggles to find the right ring and bracelet pairing, stress no more and opt for a hand chain instead to make a statement with every gesture.

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