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by SARBANI NYC January 28, 2020 3 min read

What Jewelry to Wear with a Turtleneck | Sarbani NYCWe are deep in the throes of winter—at least we are here on the East Coast! Even if it’s not as cold where you are, though, chances are it’s cool enough to enjoy a warm turtleneck sweater or dress. After all, they’re the perfect combination of cute, cozy, and comfy! 

While you may enjoy bundling up in one, sometimes it can be tough to decide exactly what jewelry to wear with a turtleneck. Fortunately, you can get creative by pairing them with the right accessories like necklaces and earrings. Read on for our turtleneck and jewelry styling guide!

Long Necklaces

A turtleneck provides a lot of open real estate, particularly if it’s a plain one. Opt for a long chain or lariat necklace (one that at least reaches your waist) to add some panache to your top. This will give you boho vibes and even help elongate your torso—and that is never a bad thing, right?

Layered Chains

To achieve this style, you can either wear a few necklaces of varying lengths or choose a single necklace with multiple strands. This is a great way to add some fun with color and texture to your ensemble.

Pendant Necklaces

Golden Gardenia Necklace by Sarbani NYCA longer pendant necklace and/or a larger pendant will complete your look without fighting with the turtleneck. For more of a classic look, opt for a longer necklace with a smaller pendant. To make a statement and draw eyes to your face, wear a big, eye-catching pendant.

Collar Necklace

If you prefer shorter necklaces, a collar necklace is the perfect choice for you. Go with a lightweight chain for a subtle style, or go bold with a large statement necklace. The bold option looks especially fabulous against solid color turtlenecks. Think chunky and colorful when choosing a statement collar.

Drop or Dangle Earrings

Are you rocking a very bulky or thick knit turtleneck? Or perhaps one with a busy pattern? Then you may want to err on the side of earrings instead of a necklace. You can still make a statement with the right drop or dangle earrings. Choose a pair with some sparkle and complementary colors so that they pop and draw attention to your eyes.

Shoulder Duster Earrings

Shoulder dusters will help dress up any turtleneck top or dress. They also look very chic against a bulky collar. Just make sure not to wear a pair that will snag if you’re wearing a knit top!

Statement Hoops

Jeweled Hoops by Sarbani NYCAdd some shape to your face and make your look pop with a bold pair of hoop earrings. Have fun with this style by opting for a pair with an interesting shape or colorful stones. The right statement hoops will top off your ensemble with a cool and trendy look.

Complete the Look

While some turtlenecks may call for either a necklace or earrings, others call for an entire match set! Don’t be afraid to go glam with the right set of earrings and necklace, as long as it suits your top.

Depending on the style of your T-neck dress or sweater, you may want to add other accessories like bracelets and rings. A cool cuff looks great worn over a long sleeve or with a ¾ sleeve, while statement rings add a final touch to this chic and cozy apparel.

No matter how you accessorize this winter fashion staple, be sure to keep it tidy by wearing necklaces over the collar (rather than popping out of it, which isso ‘80s) and avoiding awkward dangling chains. As long as you follow our tips on how to style a turtleneck, you’re sure to be stylish and warm all season long!

What jewelry is your favorite to wear with a turtleneck?

Stephanie Chabot, Style Editor
Sarbani NYC

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