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by SARBANI NYC September 23, 2019 4 min read

Trunk show: If you have heard this term before but are unsure of what exactly it entails, not to worry! We’re here to break it down for you.

We know we’ve been hyping up our own upcoming trunk shows, and now we want to share exactly what to expect. Who should attend and why? What are the benefits of a trunk show? Read on to learn more.

Trunk Show: The Definition

woman shoppingTraditionally, a trunk show is an event in which vendors present their merchandise to store buyers or directly to customers. These events can take place in a retail location or a venue such as a hotel. Often, clients will view the merchandise, place orders, and wait to receive their items.

Fortunately for our clients, Sarbani NYC will have a wide selection of our statement jewelry and accessories available for purchase on-site at the trunk shows. We will also feature some up-and-coming products and collections for you to sneak peek!

Where did the term “trunk show” come from?

Veteran fashion writer and New York Times critic, Bernadine Morris, explained that trunk shows began before World War II. According to her, designers would pack a large number of their products into actual trunks and meet with the buyer from a store like Macy’s. Buyers appreciated having the designs brought directly to them, and would sometimes invite a few clients to the viewing.

“Then it got a little more formal and more public,” Morris said. As American designers became prominent in the 1950s, this practice of showing designer fashion took off.

While the trunks that were originally used by designers like Louis Vuitton are no more (garment bags and boxes are a much more efficient and safer way to transport clothing, jewelry, and accessories), these events are still very relevant. Not to mention, today’s trunk shows are generally open to a wider clientele.

Sarbani NYC Jewelry Trunk Shows

Model wearing various statement jewelry by Outhouse JewelleryWe at Sarbani NYC decided to take our products on the road because we want to take the experience offline and create a personal shopping experience for our customers (plus, the photos simply don’t do these pieces of fashion jewelry and accessories justice!). We also understand that sometimes, the best way to shop is to see and feel the products for yourself.

Sarbani NYC’s products are unique and relatively new to much of our U.S. audience. Our goal through our trunk shows is to show clients the one-of-a-kind quality and nature of our beautiful statement jewelry. We hope to educate consumers on the background of these handcrafted pieces, and the various options they have when it comes to shopping for accessories that are different.

And of course, we look forward to hearing from you about our product selection! Our clients’ feedback is vital to helping us fulfill our mission of delivering creatively bold and beautiful jewelry that you can enjoy for years to come.

Who should attend a jewelry trunk show?

Jewelry on displayOur trunk show events are open to the public, but a few people who would benefit from attending in particular include:

  • Brides-to-be searching for the wedding accessories of their dreams, along with their bride tribes—we’ve got something for the whole party! Many of our designers also offer specific bridal collections.
  • Those in need of beautifully unique gifts for loved ones for the approaching holidays
  • Stylists and designers in search of new looks and inspiration
  • Those who have browsed us online, but would like to experience our products in person
  • Anyone with a passion for fashion and high-quality, one-of-a-kind jewelry and accessories

Overall, trunk shows are a great excuse to round up a few friends and check out the latest styles and products, whether you’re ready to purchase or simply looking for inspiration!

Benefits of Attending a Trunk Show

Model wearing Evil Eye Necklace by ValliyanWhat can you expect from a Sarbani NYC trunk show? For starters, you will receive a personalized experience, with the opportunity to meet Sarbani Bedi Gold. Sarbani owns and curates every piece we feature, meaning she is the perfect person to answer your questions and educate you about the designers and collections.

You will also have the chance to see firsthand the quality of our jewelry and find something that suits your style, allowing you to shop our carefully curated collection with confidence. Additionally, stylists and designers will have the advantage of getting advanced looks at upcoming products and collections.

Perhaps the best part about checking out a Sarbani NYC trunk show is the fact that it gives you an opportunity to shop one-of-a-kind products you won’t typically find in U.S. stores. You can walk away knowing you’ve invested in jewelry that is both unique to you and has a significant deal of hard work behind it.

Our Festive Edit Trunk Show Series begins in October! Learn more and RSVP to an event in a city near you today. We look forward to meeting you!

Stephanie Chabot
Style Editor, Sarbani NYC

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