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by SARBANI NYC October 22, 2019 3 min read

Nail and Midi Rings by Outhouse JewelleryAt Sarbani NYC, we’re all about making a statement—and sometimes, those big statements can be made by smaller jewelry and accessories! Take, for example, nail rings and midi rings. These delicate, versatile pieces will give you dazzling digits and accentuate any other statement rings or bracelets you may be wearing.

If you’re wondering exactly how nail and midi rings should be worn, check out our tips below. We even have a few recommendations, so you can add some of these little trinkets to your jewelry collection.

What are nail and midi rings?

Nail rings are intended to be worn over the fingernail. Some are designed to fit over your entire fingertip, while others are designed to be worn at the base of the nail just above the first knuckle. Midi rings are meant to be worn right above the second knuckle.

How should I wear my nail and midi rings?

Gunmetal Flutter Midi Rings by Outhouse JewelleryMidi and nail rings look best when wearing a few on each hand. They even frame larger rings nicely, so break out that eye-catching statement ring that you want to be the center of attention. You can stack one or two midi or nail rings above the statement ring (depending on their size and style), then stack one to two rings on two other fingers. We think midi and nail rings look best when worn on at least three fingers.

And yes, you can pair midi and nail rings with an engagement and/or wedding band! We recommend choosing rings that are the same metal type as your engagement ring. That way, they won’t take away from your most important gem.

Wondering about the right bracelet to wear with your midis? Opt for something on the simpler side, like a delicate bangle or hand harness. This way, it won’t take away from your rings.

Nail and Midi Rings You’ll Love to Stack

Now that you have an idea of how to wear them, check out some of our stylish nail and midi rings.

Flutter Midi Ring Collection

Flutter Midi Rings by Outhouse JewelleryAvailable in both gunmetal and gold plating, each with a large and small size, the handcrafted Flutter Midi Rings are unique yet simple. These delicate beauties give the appearance of butterflies perched upon your fingers. They also feature cubic zirconia for a touch of sparkle.

We love these statement midi rings either mixed together or paired with other minimalist rings.

Rose Gold Nail Rings

Nail Rings by Outhouse JewelleryOur collection of rose gold nail rings includes four dainty yet contemporary rings that will add some shimmer to your every gesture. The Kiss, Infinity, and Forget Me Not nail rings all fit snugly on your upper finger. The Love Lock Nail Ring fits over the top of your fingertip and covers the nail. Each ring features cubic zirconias and 22kt rose gold plating for a modern flair.

We love mixing and matching all four of these nail rings between each hand for the perfect amount of glamour.

Of course, there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to ring style—or even overall jewelry style! Mix and match different pieces to create various looks and find the one that works for you. And when you’re ready to add to your ring stack, take a closer look at our midi and nail ring shop today!

Stephanie Chabot
Style Editor, Sarbani NYC

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