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by SARBANI NYC January 21, 2020 5 min read

How to Choose the Perfect Bridal JewelryYou have found the dress of your dreams, but how do you choose bridal jewelry that is going to add the perfect finishing touch to your look for the big day?

The first step is to stop, breathe, and remember that at the end of the day, your bridal style should feel comfortable. It should feel like you. 

Next, we are going to explain how to narrow down your decision by:

  • What wedding jewelry to wear based on your wedding style
  • What color pieces to choose based on your dress
  • Plus a few additional tips to keep in mind when selecting your bridal accessories

What is Your Wedding Style?

At this point, you are pretty well along in the planning game, so you should have your wedding style on lock. Consider the aesthetic, season, location, and venue of your big day. Obviously, if you are getting married outside on a picturesque mountaintop, the vibe is going to be very different than if you were to tie the knot at an elegant country club. 

Just as you did while dress shopping, you should keep these things in mind while searching for your accessories. Below are a few popular wedding styles and our recommendations to match.


Classic Wedding Style

This style can encompass a range of venues, from church and garden ceremonies to ballroom and mansion affairs. If you’re a traditional bride who adores classic elegance, stick with tried and true gems like pearls and diamonds (or white crystals, if you’re looking to keep things more affordable).


Bohemian Wedding Style

Whether you’re getting hitched in the woods or on the beach, as a boho bride you’ll want to opt for a lot of flowers and/or floral motifs. Wear flowers in your hair that match your bouquet in order to carry that earthy vibe through every detail. Any colorfully whimsical accessories, such as feather or tassel earrings, will be perfect for your style.


Modern Wedding Style

Chosen by many chic brides, the modern style can suit nuptials from an industrial city venue to a contemporary desert locale. When it comes to your jewelry, go for bold, clean pieces with geometric shapes. Stick with neutral colors and metals, and go with jewel tones in the details if you desire an injection of color. Match the boldly sophisticated color palette and structured shapes as seen in the rest of your wedding designs.


Rustic Wedding Style

Is your special day taking place at a rural venue, like a beautifully homey barn or a wide expanse of farmland? Consider alternative materials like lace, wood, or brushed/hammered metals. Pieces with a distressed look will be perfect for the vibe you’re going for.

Art Deco

Art Deco Wedding Style

We are in the roaring ‘20s once again! The modern take on art deco style has been on the rise in weddings in recent years and includes features like gilded gold details, jazzy glamor, and sharp lines. So we recommend jewelry that reflects the same vintage glitz that would have made Gatsby proud—meaning shimmering jewels, intricate beading, and ornate detail.

What is Your Wedding Dress Style?

When it comes to matching your bridal jewelry to your dress, there are two main things to consider: neckline and color.


You’ll want to have a solid picture of how the neckline and your selected jewelry will frame your face.


Crystal Wedlock Choker

This open neckline allows for some creativity with your accessories. If you’re an earring lover, choose a pair of statement earrings to immediately draw eyes to your face. Prefer some bling around your neck? Sport a choker or collar-length necklace with a pair of stud earrings. You could also go for a pendant necklace, but ensure it stops about two to three inches above the neckline so as not to interfere with the dress.


Stud Earrings from Sarbani NYC

With this neckline, you’ll want to keep it simple up top. Opt for a pair of simple drop earrings or studs with your hair pulled pack. You can liven up your look with a colored pair of studs that match the rest of your color scheme.


Crystal Drop Earrings

Stay away from necklaces for this unique neckline. Instead, choose a pair of drop or stud earrings that won’t distract from the neckline, which should be your focal point with this dress style.

Boat Neck

Papilio Studs in Blush

If you’re more of a traditional type, stick with a small necklace that drops just below the neckline with either a diamond or subtle pendant. Or, simply forego the necklace and stick with a pair of studs with color, which will stand out nicely against your dress.

Scoop Neck

Choker and Earrings Match Set

Another neckline that allows for some options, the scoop neck dress looks great with an earring and choker match set. Again, you can also select a pair of drop earrings only with no necklace, which would give you the flexibility to go for a bolder pair.


Empress Tassel Earrings

Similar to strapless styles, the off-the-shoulder style leaves a lot of space between your face and the dress. Fill it in with a coordinating choker and stud earrings. Another option is to find a pair of statement earrings that move and sparkle. A string of pearls also looks good with this elegant neckline.


Heritage Necklace

With a V-neck gown, you’ll certainly want to highlight the decolletage! Do this with a pendant necklace. Keep it smaller for a narrow plunge, but don’t be afraid to go a bit larger and bolder for wide V’s. Similar to the sweetheart neckline, make sure your necklace is not too long so it won’t clash with the neckline.


Crystal Olive Leaf Jeweled Headband

Since this neckline style already takes up a lot of real estate around your neck and ears, we recommend accessorizing your hair with beautiful pins, combs, or other hairpieces. Boho and rustic brides may opt for flowers as the focal point in their hair, anyway! With a halter, you can get away with a pair of subtle stud earrings.

If the style of your neckline is already busy and you don’t want to wear too much, if any, jewelry around the neck and ears, add a bracelet or statement ring for some extra glam!

Matching Colors

You’ll also want to match your metals to your dress color. These are our tips for matching the most popular jewelry metals:

  • Platinum & Silver: Pairs best with pure white dresses.
  • Yellow Gold: Enhances the warm tones in both ivory and champagne dresses.
  • Rose Gold: Complements the pink tones in blush dresses.

Keep in mind the other embellishments of your dress and match your accessories to them. From lace to sparkles and sequins, these details all influence your overall style, so you’ll want to stay consistent.

Additional Tips to Keep in Mind

Borla Legacy RingHere are a few more quick tips for picking bridal jewelry that flows with the rest of your style.

  • When in doubt, less is more. This doesn’t mean you can’t go bold with a statement piece as your anchor—it simply means to select a few key pieces that compliment your look without distracting from the main attraction: you!
  • If you are really indecisive, pick one piece you love and feel fits your style, and stick with it.
  • Avoid mixing metals or trying to put too many colors together, as this could lead to a messy appearance. Instead, pick one or two accent colors in your accessories.
  • Are you wearing a veil, birdcage, or other type of headpiece? This could also influence things like your earrings and necklace.

Finally, if you truly can’t decide or want to keep your look very simple and clean, opt for pearls or diamond/clear crystal jewelry. These timeless gems can’t steer you wrong.

If you are still wondering how to pick the best wedding jewelry for your big day, browse our bridal collection or contact Sarbani NYC and we’ll be happy to assist you. We can even schedule a free consultation, in which we’ll learn about your preferences and style all of your accessories!

Stephanie Chabot, Style Editor
Sarbani NYC

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