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by SARBANI NYC May 12, 2020 4 min read

We may still be getting some chilly days here and there (with a chance of snow in the Northeast!), but that won’t stop us fashion lovers from dressing in full color. Maybe we can make the warm weather stay by pure will power, right? So if you’re wondering about the hottest Spring/Summer 2020 color trends, we’re diving in!

Back in the fall, the S/S ‘20 runways lit up with colors. The Pantone Color Institute published the Fashion Color Trend Report in September, saying of the colors, “[They] express our desire for a sense of the familiar. Friendly and relatable, a palette of colors that conveys a sense of ease.”

Below, we’ve selected nine of our favorite shades seen on the runways and in the Pantone palette. And while you may initially be thinking of colorful clothing, we’re giving you tips and recommendations for incorporating the colors into your jewelry and accessories!

Biscay Green

This cool and refreshing aqua shade certainly reminds us of beaches and calming waters—making it perfect for warm-weather style! We especially love how this green pairs with both light and dark colors, from neutrals like white and black to bubblegum pink.

Shop Biscay Green Jewelry:

Laleh Earrings

Laleh Earrings

Laleh Ring

Laleh Ring

Outhouse Jewellery Glasswing Collection

Glasswing Collection

Mosaic Blue

Another nautical tone, this teal blue shade displays an air of mystique, grace, and depth of feeling, much like the ocean. Stones in this color pop beautifully in jewelry as it complements both gold and silver.

Shop Mosiac Blue Jewelry:

Metallic Orchid Earrings in Turquoise

Metallic Orchid Statement Earrings in Turquoise

Evil Eye Necklace

Evil Eye Collection

Sherbet Shades

From coral pink to soft peach, we saw a range of these warm pink hues on the runways that are perfect for both dayand night style. These included pastel and saturated versions as well as many in between. With their reddish/orange undertones, these colors are the perfect way to warm up your spring and summer ensembles. They also make for a lovely pop of color when incorporated into your accessories.

Shop Sherbet Shaded Jewelry:

Papilio Ear Pendants in Coral

Papilio Ear Pendants in Coral

Papilio Stud Earrings in Coral

Papilio Studs in Coral

Silk Tassel Shoulder Duster Earrings in Coral

Silk Tassel Shoulder Duster Earrings in Coral Red

Faded Denim

If there is one go-to, ultra-versatile color this season, it’s the faded denim look! As the name implies, this one is reminiscent of your favorite comfy pair of jeans. The hue is approachable and conveys comfort and ease. While it pairs well with light neutral colors like whites and tans, it looks super chic as a complement to vibrant shades.

Shop Faded Denim Jewelry:

Papilio Earcuffs

Papilio Earcuffs

Papilio Turquoise Ear Pendants

Papilio Ear Pendants in Turquoise


What color could be more appropriate for this time of year than one literally named Sunlight? You’ll spread happiness and smiles wherever you go wearing this cheery yellow. This soft, upbeat shade looks stunning in flowing maxi dresses and springtime suits. You can take it even further by infusing the color into your accessories.

Shop Sunlight Jewelry:

Papilio Stud Earrings in Canary

Papilio Studs in Canary

Silk Tassel Shoulder Duster Earrings in Yellow

Silk Tassel Shoulder Duster Earrings in Yellow


There were also some darker colors we loved on this season’s list of 2020 fashion color trends, like rich and savory Chive. This herbal green imparts a healthy and restorative harmony. It looks extra chic on material like faux leather, as the sheen gives it dimension. Pair this neutral color with a range of bright and bold earthly tones for an interesting look.

Shop Chive Jewelry:

Metallic Orchid Earrings in Green

Metallic Orchid Statement Earrings in Green

Enchanted Ring

Enchanted Ring

Swallowtail Carousel Claw Ring

Swallowtail Carousel Claw Ring

Melon Sculpte Bracelet

Melon Sculpté Bracelet

Grape Compote

An unexpected name, this color is a blend of mysterious and mellow purple shades. We love how this color adds intrigue to outfits and is perfect for warm summer evenings. Jewelry with variations of this hue is elegant and eye-catching.

Shop Grape Compote Jewelry:

Festive Pearl Choker in Purple

Festive Pearl Choker in Purple

Swallowtail Hand Harness

Swallowtail Hand Harness

Classic Blue

We know, it’s one more blue shade—but we can’t forget about Classic Blue in the warmer months! This boundless blue hue evokes images of the evening sky and helps open us to a world of possibilities. Not to mention, it pairs well with so many other spring/summer colors! 

Shop Classic Blue Jewelry:

Wheel with Flower Dangling Earrings

Wheel with Flower Dangling Earrings

Indigo Ring

Indigo Ring

Perito Midnight Earrings

Perito Midnight Earrings

Classic White

We can’t forget about white, a classic summer color. There’s nothing like a flowing white maxi dress or that favorite white t-shirt with jeans. White suggests simplicity, something that often goes along with warm-weather activities like lounging on the beach or enjoying a picnic. The right white jewelry can add a hint of sophistication, boho, or a combination of both to any summer ensemble.

Shop White Jewelry:

Pearl Gush Gold Drop Earrings

Pearl Gush Gold Drops

Lophorina Treasure Tassel Earrings

Lophorina Tassel Treasure Earrings

Shooting Star Choker

Shooting Star Choker

White Lotus & Peacock Chandbaali Earrings

White Lotus & Peacock Chandbaalis

Spring/Summer 2020 Fashion Color Trends in Jewelry

Incorporating these fun hues into your wardrobe and jewelry will give you plenty of colorful ensemble options all season long. Some of them can even be mixed and matched for a really colorful style! 

For more jewelry styling tips, inspiration, and help with selecting your pieces, chat with us, or email us today at hello@sarbani-nyc.com!

Please note: Some of the items listed here are not on our site due to limited availability. Feel free to reach out to us with any inquiries!

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